Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  Q. Is  Defeating the Enemy a participation activity, or merely a demonstration
        for people to watch?
A. People of all ages are encouraged to participate. 
        Physical activity is not strenuous and is appropriate even for older adults.
    Q. What are Christian Martial Arts? 
    A. Christian Martial Arts are when principles and fundamentals of the martial arts are
        based upon, and rooted in, Biblical teachings.
    Q. Isn't there traditionally an association between martial arts and the Eastern
    A. Yes.  However, a Christian martial artist will base his spiritual life upon Jesus
        Christ instead. Although it is true that most martial arts are based upon spiritual
        aspects which are derived from the Eastern Religions, a good Christian martial arts
        school will not allow Eastern spiritual influences to affect their training.  And yet it
        is true that the holistic benefits (mind, body, spirit) are central for a well-balanced
        life. Therefore the spiritual aspect of the martial arts is necessary. This is why good
        Christian instructor will build his foundation on the principles and teachings of
        the Christian Bible.
    Q. Where can I go to learn more about Christian Martial Arts? 
    A. For more information, consider reading “Street Smarts from Christian Martial Arts.” 
        The book is available for purchase from this website.  Our “links” page on this
        website also has some great resources for you to explore more about Christian  
        martial arts.  Furthermore, you can visit the web page which describes the style of
        Issho-Ryu karate at Issho-Ryu is a
        Christian based martial arts system that is based upon the holistic martial arts
        training as the mind, body, and spirit work together when they are based upon the
        teachings of Jesus and His disciples.