Presentation Outline
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A look at Christian martial arts practice through
5 principles of board and brick breaking

The following is the outline which is used for the Breaking Barriers presentation:

Victory chant (Psalm 144:1 – NLT)

1.      “Bless the Lord who is my Rock; He gives me strength for war and skill
      for battle”

2.      Not a physical battle!

Sin – an obstacle in our life that must be broken.

1.      Sin separates us all from God.

2.      Jesus separates that barrier and restores our relationship with the

Six principles:


a)      Martial arts victory – Without a good foundation, we are
    not successful.

b)      Spiritual victory – Our foundation is Jesus Christ.

                                  i.            Psalm 144:1 (our victory chant) – Jesus is the Rock

                                  ii.            Ephesians 2:20 – Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone

2.      FAITH

a)      Martial arts victory – Self confidence is a
    must.  We must believe that we can
    accomplish our goals.  Without faith, we will
    be defeated.

b)      Spiritual victory – Our faith is in Jesus our

                                     i.            Ephesians 2:8 – Saved through

                                     ii.            Romans 10:17 – Faith is not our

3.      FITNESS

a)      Martial arts victory – We engage in many
    activities to stay physically fit.

b)      Spiritual victory – Prayer, church, reading
     the Word – all make us spiritually fit.

                                           i.            Psalm 144:1 – this spiritual
                       strength is given to us as
                       a gift from God.

                                           ii.            1 Corinthians 9:25

                                           iii.            Hebrews 12:11

4.      FOCUS

a)      Martial arts victory – Distractions can cause us
     to fail.  Stay focused or we will be defeated.

b)      Spiritual victory – There are many distractions
     that are “of the world” which can divert us
     from the path of Christ.

                                              i.            Colossians 3:1 – We must
                          focus on Christ.

                                              ii.            Hebrews 2:1


a)      Martial arts victory – Without follow through,
    we are defeated.

b)      Spiritual victory – We do not follow through as
    we should

                                               i.            Romans 3:23 – All have

                                               ii.           John 3:16 - However,
                           Jesus has followed
                           through on our behalf!  In
                           Christ we have victory!!




a)      Martial arts victory – Our maneuvers do not
     always turn out as planned. We make errors
     and must learn to continue by forgiving
     ourselves and moving forward. If we get stuck
     or hung up on one mistake from the past, we
     might jeopardize the remainder of the match
     that lies ahead.

b)      Spiritual victory – Through Christ our sins are

                                               i.            Acts 13:38 – We are
                           forgiven through
                           our faith in Jesus.

                                               ii.           Colossians 1:14 - We are
                           redeemed by Christ by His
                           work on the cross
             iii.           Matthew 26:28 - Jesus'
                            blood poured out for us for
                            the forgiveness of our sins


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