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“This is an outstanding program. Our chapel services have grades pre-kinder to 8th grade. Pastor Brown held everyone’s complete attention for almost an hour. The presentation combines martial arts and the principles of the Gospel message of Jesus. The students were talking about the presentation long after they had experienced it.”
Principal Dave Ackley
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Ontario, California


"My favorite part of the Breaking Barriers presentation was that it was solid LCMS theology, clear Law and Gospel.  No decision theology and altar call like most “power team” presentations give. The grand finale concrete block breaking with a sledge hammer was the most powerful image that has stayed with me after seeing the presentation."

    Rev. Dr. Paul Naumann, Pastor
    St. MIchael Lutheran Church
    Portage, MI



"Breaking Barriers is AWESOME!!!

My favorite part was the clear message that meets the needs of all generations.  This is not just a message for kids...this is not just a message for young adults...this is not just a message for those experienced in age...this is a message for everyone who still has breath in them!

My favorite comment from a church member was "Pastor Brown didn't say 'Don't try this at home' and so I am going to try this at home!, well at least the principles, I don't know about breaking boards and concrete."  Pastor Brown's message is intended to be applied to our everyday Christian Life.

The entire program is powerful for me...but the most powerful thing for me was what someone who doesn't go to our church told me.  She said, "I have never seen such a clear presentation of the Gospel in such a powerful way."  The message Pastor Brown communicates through this awesome presentation is necessary for life and salvation!"

    Chad Potts, Vicar
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
     Leadville, CO


    "The presentation by Pastor Brown was thoroughly enjoyed by both our seniors and our grade school students. Pastor Brown did a wonderful job of presenting the Gospel as he shared his skills and made his analogies. Thank you for a great presentation!"

    Jean Light, Director of Family Ministries
    Emmanuel Lutheran Church
    Fort Wayne, IN



    "Well done! It is inspiring to see how you have connected a seemingly "secular" topic with sharing the Gospel in a unique and engaging way! It was a fun way of sharing a memorable message about Jesus. The 6 "F's" were a good learning tool!"

  Anonymous contributor
  California, USA
  (Now doing mission work in a hostile environment overseas)



    "Wow!! This is amazing. What a powerful, meaningful witness!"

    Teresa Fairow
    Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
    Iowa City, IA



    "Excellent presentation! Very enthusiastic and inspiring!"

    Rev. Paul R. Koester
    Greenfield Park Lutheran Church
    West Allis, WI

     "WOW! What a fantastic presentation! Our deaf kids and adults loved it, some of them even coming back to see it a second time and several asking to watch it again on the video. The kids talked about it a long time and they hope Pastor Brown will return to do it again.
     Pastor Brown's three presentations at our church were able to bring several new students from Texas School of the Deaf who had never been to our church before. Even though Pastor Brown doesn't know sign language, the kids were eager to talk with him and he was willing to talk with them. They knew that his Christian love is genuine.
     Thank you, Pastor Brown, for showing God's power to our deaf kids!"

     Rev. Mark Seeger
     Jesus Lutheran Church of the Deaf
     Austin, Texas

Awesome!  Fantastic!  Unbelievable!  These were just some of the many comments by our adults and youth after Rev. Brown conducted our Day School Chapel Service. If you are looking for someone to present the Gospel in a totally different and unique way, Rev. Brown is the person you are looking for.  Contact him and discover a new way of proclaiming an old message that applies to everyone." 

     Rev. Don Oldenburg
     Holy Cross Lutheran Church
     Cypress, CA

As an educator in the LCMS for over 40 years, I was thoroughly excited with the Breaking Barriers program, where children are taught to be warriors in the race to achieve the crown that Jesus has planned for them.  The special emphasis on the soundness of mind, body, and spirit within the discipline of the martial arts mirrors the teachings of Christian discipleship.  I highly recommend
this presentation by J. Brown. "
     Ardis Grob 
     Tucson, Arizona 
     "'Breaking Barriers' is an outstanding presentation!! As a mother of 4 children (ranging from preschoolers to teenagers), I was delighted to see that they were all equally captivated and excited by the program.  J. Brown is not only a master at martial arts - he is also a devout servant of the Lord and an amazing motivational speaker. His high-energy demonstrations grab the attention of the audience, and combined with a strong Gospel message,  encourage and strengthen our faith. People of all ages - from children to adults - absolutely LOVE this program. Everyone should see it! "

     J. Dibble, mother of 4 and Sunday School teacher
     Faith Lutheran Church, Vista, CA

"J. Brown has presented his program, “Breaking Barriers,” a number of times for our Sunday School, School, and at a Christian Martial Arts Fair, “Kicking for Christ.”  It is an outstanding action filled, outreach, faith strengthening program, with a solid theological Christian message.  It kept the rapt attention of young children, as well as teenagers and adults.  I highly recommend J. and the program."

     Pastor B. D. Droegemueller
     Faith Lutheran Church & Schools, Vista, CA

J. Brown did his martial arts presentation, Breaking Barriers, for our students.  The unique blending of a martial arts demonstration while applying a Christian message was a "winner" for our students.  He also included a great deal of audience participation.  I would heartily recommend this program for children and adults in any Christian setting."

     Joe Henkell, Principal
     Faith Lutheran School, Vista, CA

     "J. Brown offers a unique and powerful presentation of God's Law and Gospel using his amazing skills as a martial arts expert.  His demonstration includes an incredible display of physical control, flexibility and skill.  Beneath his humble manner and gentle way lie a strength and focus that come from a lifetime of physical and spiritual learning and a strong desire to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  I highly recommend that you give J an opportunity to share with your group. You'll be glad you did. "
      Reverend Mark Gaertner, Pastor
      Clear Lake Lutheran Church , Fremont, Indiana



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